The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation at work

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….and in training! Way to go, Argo!!

From WFMJ, News Channel 21:

ArgoThe newest recruit of the Beaver Township Police Department is off studying to be a canine crime fighter extraordinaire.

Argo, the department’s new K-9, is undergoing special training in Toledo where he and his handler, K-9 Handler Officer Chris Albert, will learn the tools they need to operate as a crime-fighting duo.

The department said that they were able to purchase Argo after receiving a grant from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation at The Giving Back Fund.

With Argo coming into the department, the township’s former K-9 Officer, Hero, can retire.

Argo and Officer Albert are expected to be ready to hit the ground running in approximately 2 months, following training, and Argo’s swearing-in.

At the time of the grant Beaver Township Chief of Police Carl Frost said, “On behalf of the proud professionals who comprise the Beaver Police Department, as well as the citizens it serves, I would like to thank the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. The Foundation’s generous donation will allow us to replace our aging Police Service Dog. Not only that, but one of our officers will be able to become fully certified to train our new dog as well as dogs from our neighboring agencies going into the future. This will save future officers from leaving the area to become trained with their new K-9 partners. Thank you #7!”

You can read more here.

It’s Baylee’s 4th birthday!

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On March 19, 2014 at 1:11 AM Miss Baylee Marie Roethlisberger was born!

Four years later she’s a big girl who likes to play with her brothers, go on fun trips with her family, dress up like a beautiful princess, and of course she’s all about the Shimmer & Shine…and boy, does she SHINE!


Happy 4th birthday Princess! We love you Bay!! — Daddy, Mommy, Benjamin, Bo, Remy & Kota.


And Happy Birthday to Princess Baylee from Steeler Nation too!!

Tee time at the Arnold Palmer Invitational Pro-Am

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And the tweets are rolling in like a hole in one….

Ben’s 2004 “Path to the Draft”

March 9th, 2018 by

Taking a look back at the weeks leading up to the April 24, 2004 NFL Draft for the quarterback from Miami. Yes, it has already been 14 years since #7 was drafted!

“Are you kidding me?” It’s every football player’s dream. I don’t care where I go, I don’t care what they ask of me. I can’t wait for draft day.” — Ben, from an interview in Sports Illustrated On Campus, April 15, 2004.

From the article, “Preparing for NFL draft is a full-time job” by the AP‘s Joe Kay:

Since he left Miami of Ohio to enter the NFL draft the prominent quarterback has changed his life. He moved to the West Coast overhauled his diet and started a crash course in his new career.

“I’d say it’s more like getting ready for a season” said Roethlisberger who led Miami to a No. 10 final ranking with his strong arm and accuracy. “I had an idea it would be tough but I didn’t know how tough. I didn’t know how much time I had to put into it.”

Roethlisberger spent the last two months getting ready to make a good impression on teams looking for a franchise player. Roethlisberger who was one of Ohio’s top prep passers at Findlay High School moved to Newport Beach Calif. so he could work out every day in warmer weather.

His daily routine includes an hour of weight training an hour or more working out with a quarterback coach then a session at Steinberg’s office getting mail and doing interviews. There’s another hour-long workout to improve his speed before the day is done.

“There’s very little sitting down” said Roethlisberger who left Miami after his junior season. “Very rarely do I not have any workouts. Sunday is my one day off.”

You can read the rest of this February 29, 2004 article here.

From the article, “Is QB Philip Rivers on top of Steelers list?” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Ed Bouchette:

When the Steelers revealed the names of a couple of quarterbacks who have accepted invitations to visit their facility next week, one name stuck out for not being on the list.

Ben Roethlisberger of Miami (Ohio) and Tulane’s J.P. Losman are among 20 college prospects who will come to Pittsburgh to be evaluated for the draft. Philip Rivers of North Carolina State will not.

“It’s a smokescreen,” one NFL general manager said yesterday at the league meetings. “Rivers is the guy they want.”

The Steelers have the 11th overall pick in the draft and Rivers is said by many to be the quarterback they are targeting.

“We want to bring people in we realistically think we have a chance to get,” Colbert said. “We’re not going to bring people in we don’t think we have a chance to get.”

Why Roethlisberger and not Rivers?

“We may have a realistic chance to get him,” Colbert said.

You can read the rest of this March 30, 2004 article here.

From the cover story, “Almost Famous” by Sports Illustrated On Campus writer Josh Elliott:

Roethlisberger is a mess these days, and it has nothing to do with the reality that next Saturday, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue will stride to a podium in the Theater at Madison Square Garden and announce, before a national television audience, that some sad-sack team has just used its high first-round draft choice to make Roethlisberger its savior. Nor is it because, despite never having had more than a few thousand dollars in his checking account, Roethlisberger is about to become a multimillionaire.

Then he rises and leads a visitor into his old bedroom, and the secret’s out. Unpacked luggage bags spill from the doorway into the hall. One glimpse of the clutter and it’s apparent that Ben Roethlisberger is, literally, a mess.

“Uh, I’m actually sleeping down in the basement,” he says, adding sheepishly, “I’ve still got some unpacking to do, I guess.”

After announcing his intent to turn pro following Miami’s win over Louisville in the GMAC Bowl, Roethlisberger went agent-hunting. Or, more specifically, he became the hunted. He was deluged by dozens of agents, some more dubious than others, a few offering Roethlisberger “crazy amounts of money,” he says, to represent him. Ultimately, he settled upon Leigh Steinberg and his associate, Ryan Tollner, on New Year’s Day. Less than a week later Roethlisberger arrived in Newport Beach, Calif., to begin his metamorphosis from beefy, mid-major college stud to prototypical NFL quarterback. He moved into a furnished luxury condo on Jan. 5th and over the next two months did nothing, he says, but work out. “Southern California was a bit of a culture shock,” he admits. “It seemed like all the cars were fancy and all the food was healthy. It was big, and things just seemed complicated.”

This article is no longer available.

Those Scouting Reports –

From the late Joe Stein, NFL Draft expert for the San Diego Union-Tribune:

It’s remarkable how far he has come in such a short time. Until his senior year in high school, he was a receiver. Yet, he was talented enough to take the Mid-American Conference by storm. That might not seem like a ringing endorsement on the surface, but remember that the last two MAC quarterbacks to do that were Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich, both of whom appear to have bright NFL futures. Roethlisberger, who declared himself eligible for the NFL draft after his junior year, has a good pro arm, is more athletic than Eli Manning and Philip Rivers and sees the field well. Scouts generally believe he has the highest upside of this year’s QB crop, but also represents the greatest risk because of his limited experience.

From James Alder, NFL Draft expert at

Positives –

Ben Roethlisberger has everything you look for in a franchise quarterback. He’s got the big arm, but he also has excellent accuracy (69.1%) and nice touch. He is a pure pocket passer with excellent size and he moves around in the pocket well. He also has great escapability, often making the first defender miss. He also throws with incredible accuracy on the run… especially for a player his size.

Negatives –

There’s not much to dislike about Roethlisberger’s game. The only knock on him is that he played in the MAC, but with guys like Pennington and Leftwich coming out of the conference in recent years, I doubt his draft status will be adversely affected.

From Sports Illustrated‘s NFL Draft Experts:

Positives –

Big-armed pocket passer with the ability to grow into a franchise quarterback. Sets up to deliver the ball with solid footwork, stands strong in the pocket and smart. Sells the ball fakes, scans the field and consistently finds the open pass-catcher. Senses the rush yet buys as much time as possible, waiting for the last second before releasing the ball. Rarely panics, in complete control of the offense and a true leader behind center. Natural looking off the safety, throws with a fluid over delivery and possesses a big arm. Drives deep passes downfield, puts zip on the intermediate routes as well as velocity on all his throws. Throws tight spirals and beautifully arches deep throws. Leads receivers over the middle and very accurate. Gets outside tackle and accurate passing on the move. Does not make poor decisions and always working to make positive plays.

Negatives –

A pocket passer with marginal mobility and cannot escape the rush. Must improve his downfield accuracy as well as the placement of the outs. Majority of snaps are taken out of the shotgun.

Unfortunately, the above articles are no longer available (I saved the content from 2004).

Is it Spring yet?

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Wait! Forget that!


The Greco Family of White Plains, NY just want to know if it’s Steelers football season yet?


March 4th, 2018 by

From WKYT News in Lexington, Kentucky:

The Scott County basketball community is raising thousands of dollars for a 10-year-old student who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

On Saturday, a two-day basketball benefit tournament kicked off in Georgetown to help Levi Delimpo get through treatment.

“It’s more important than basketball,” said family friend Kelli Kearney.

“He was diagnosed about a little over a week ago, with Ewing Sarcoma, which is a rare type of bone cancer,” Kearney explained.

As an avid sports fan and basketball player himself, Levi is going to have to sit a few games out. His father, a Lexington police detective and Scott County basketball coach, will also likely miss a few games as his family takes on this rough battle.

“Levi actually started his fight a couple days ago with his first round of chemo and he’s doing great,” said Kearney.

Scott County coaches know the importance of keeping that momentum going, which is why they pulled more than a dozen teams together for a weekend face-off.

Ticket, treats, and t-shirt sales all went to the Delimpo family.

Event organizers totaled more than $11,000 from Saturday alone. Sunday’s sales will be calculated once the tournament wraps up at night.

“We are just trying to band together for this family, cause we all consider them part of our family,” explained Kearney.

In addition to financial support, Levi is also getting a lot of prayers and well wishes, including words of encouragement from his NFL hero.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger sent Levi a video filled with words of encouragement.

He said, in part, “Hey Levi, what’s up partner? It’s Ben Roethlisberger, just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say hello…let you know I’m thinking about ya. I know you’re in Lexington, Kentucky I believe, and I know that’s probably Bengals country, so I appreciate all the support you have for the black and gold down there and for me. Keep up the good fight.”

If you want to get involved, you can still order a t-shirt by sending an e-mail to Organizers ask that you include your size and phone number.

Cards and well wishes can be mailed to:

Levi Delimpo
C/o Cedar Grove Baptist Church
1289 Cedar Road
Stamping Ground, KY 40379

Check out this awesome video of Ben’s message to young Levi!

Ben announces nine Pittsburgh area K-9 grants

February 28th, 2018 by

“On behalf of Eureka Fire Rescue & EMS and the citizens we serve, I would like to thank Ben Roethlisberger for the grant award through the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for our canine program. The funds will go a long way to help offset food and veterinary expenses. Our original canine EMBER passed last year after 10 years of service, which left RAMSY on her own. She contracted Lyme disease a few years back so we pay extra close attention to her medical needs. This season there is a new rookie on the team, ‘ASHES.’ She is in training and we have great hopes for her. The dogs’ primary jobs are fire prevention training, K-9 CPR and first aid training, along with functioning as therapy dogs and canine counselors. Of course they are a BIG hit with the children and definitively enhance station security. In the tradition of a true Pittsburgher, ASHES’ favorite thing is to play ball! Mr. Roethlisberger, thank you, not just for your dedication and performance on the field, but most importantly for you interest in outstanding support in the community.”— Richard J. Heuser, Eureka Fire Rescue EMS Chief of Operations.

FLAGDOGS_340Today, Ben announced the final grants of the 2017-18 season from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation at The Giving Back Fund.

The Foundation will be distributing nine grants totaling $82,100 to police and fire departments in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

The K-9 departments receiving funding from Ben’s foundation this year include the Sharpsburg Borough Police Department, Beaver Township Police Department, Edinboro Borough Police Department, City of McKeesport Police Department, Lower Burrell Police Department, Eureka Fire Rescue EMS, Ohio Township Police Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Hopewell Township Police Department. These departments will be utilizing their respective grants in a variety of canine-focused initiatives including the establishment of new K-9 units, replacement of retiring dogs, acquisition and updating of K-9 vehicles, purchasing of safety and training equipment, and training and certification of new and existing K-9s.

“We are thankful for and appreciative of the support from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation as well as all of the other donors that have made bringing a K-9 to Sharpsburg possible. Patrolman Hussar took the lead early and showed tremendous initiative to bring a K-9 to Sharpsburg, a resource long overdue for the area. The benefits of a K-9 are wide ranging and will be an asset to Sharpsburg and the entire region. With the use of the K-9, our department can continue to engage and build relationships with the community while also making Sharpsburg a safer place to call home.” — Joint statement from Sharpsburg Borough’s Mayor Matthew V. Rudzki and Chief of Police Thomas Stelitano.

“On behalf of the proud professionals who comprise the Beaver Police Department, as well as the citizens it serves, I would like to thank the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. The Foundation’s generous donation will allow us to replace our aging Police Service Dog. Not only that, but one of our officers will be able to become fully certified to train our new dog as well as dogs from our neighboring agencies going into the future. This will save future officers from leaving the area to become trained with their new K-9 partners. Thank you #7!” — Carl N. Frost, Beaver Township Chief of Police.

EdinboroPDcruiserThis announcement completes the foundation’s 11th grant cycle, during which it distributed 23 grants totaling more than $170,000 to K-9 units around the country. In addition to the Pittsburgh grants announced, the Foundation distributed grants to K-9 units of police departments in the cities and surrounding communities of each regular season away game for the Steelers.

“On behalf of the Edinboro Police Department, we would like to thank the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for its support to our K-9 program. This generous donation will allow us to purchase much needed safety equipment and training tools necessary to maintain a safe and efficient K-9 unit. Because of this grant, our K-9 Kenzo will continue to make a positive impact in our community. We commend the Foundation’s continued support to law enforcement and first responders across the nation. GO STEELERS!” — Jeffrey D. Craft, Edinboro Chief of Police.

“Our K-9 unit is sustained solely through community donations and fundraising efforts. This contribution from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation will help to guarantee that our beloved canine partners get the specialized vehicles and equipment they require. The McKeesport Police K-9 Unit is devoted to providing the City of McKeesport and the surrounding communities with the highest quality of canine services. The continued support of the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation will assist in making that possible. The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation should be commended for their unwavering support of law enforcement and K-9 units across the country.” — Sgt. Fran Angert, McKeesport K-9.

“The Lower Burrell Police Department would like to thank the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for selecting our department to receive a grant to assist us in purchasing a new K-9 police vehicle. On behalf of our department and all law enforcement agencies around the country that have received grant assistance to help field police K-9 units, I would like to thank the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for its long standing support in this area of public safety.” — Tim Weitzel, Lower Burrell Chief of Police.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for their continued support of our Police K-9 program. One very important aspect of the protective service is the Police K-9 program. The Ohio Township Police Department provides police service to eight different communities in Allegheny County. Besides tracking, narcotics identification and officer safety, the K-9 program has become paramount to community relations. Dogs bring people together.” — Norbert Micklos, Ohio Township Chief of Police.

Last summer, Ben invited police and fire departments across the country to submit proposals detailing their needs.

“We will use the funds provided to us by this grant to purchase a K-9 to support local law enforcement and better serve the citizens of our county. I am a former K-9 handler and I know this is a much needed valuable asset for our department to help fight the drug epidemic in this valley, as well as have a tool to be utilized to track missing persons and also to track and apprehend criminals. This new K-9 will be an amazing new law enforcement tool for our department as well as the surrounding departments that also do not currently have a K-9. Sheriff Fred J. Abdalla and I would like to personally thank Ben Roethlisberger for his continued support, dedication and generosity towards law enforcement and first responders throughout this country.” — Sergeant Chris Vinci, Sergeant with the Jefferson County (OH) Sheriff’s Office.

badboys_340The mission of the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation is to support K-9 units of police and fire departments throughout the United States, with a particular emphasis on support for service dogs in Pittsburgh, PA. Roethlisberger and the Foundation also strive to support Make-A-Wish. The Foundation has distributed in excess of $1.9 million since 2007.

“We at the Hopewell Township Police Department are very thankful for our selection as a grant recipient from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation, which will turn our hopes of establishing a K-9 program into a reality. We have worked hard to improve community relations and those same community relationships have supported our effort to establish the K-9 program. In the past year, we have sold K-9 Fund T-shirts at several community events; had several businesses make contributions to our effort; held a Community Safety Day at a local shopping plaza, which featured area K-9 organizations; received support from local church groups, including a major contribution from a church that held an opioid awareness walk; and received donations from several supportive residents. Of note is a donation received from an 8-year-old celebrating his birthday, who requested that those attending his party not bring a gift for him, but instead a donation to our K-9 Fund. The establishment of a K-9 program is not something that we have taken lightly. During the department’s advanced planning for the program, our community has obviously supported our effort. In the near future, through assistance from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation, we look forward to providing the services of a K-9 team to help make our community a safer place.” — Brian P. Uhrmacher, Hopewell Township Chief of Police.

Ben is so grateful for the generous supporters who have enabled his foundation to expand the K-9 grant program, including Pro Camps, as well as caring individual donors from around the country.

Fans, you can support future K-9 grants by purchasing candy on Sarris Candies’ website, (, using a special purchase code (77-7777). Sarris will donate 25 percent of the purchase price to the Ben’s foundation. If you don’t have sweet tooth, you can donate directly here!

For more information about Ben’s foundation or The Giving Back Fund, please contact Charisse Browner at

Calling all K9 units!

February 25th, 2018 by

Please help Elena honor her father, Officer Eric Joering…

Sam ElenaOn February 10th, Officer Anthony Morelli and Officer Eric Joering were killed in the line of duty while investigating a 911 hang-up call in Westerville, Ohio. Officer Morelli leaves behind his wife Linda, son Chris, and daughter Beth. Officer Joering leaves behind his wife Jami, and three daughters Elena, Eva and Ella.

On February 20th, the Westerville City Council voted unanimously to officially retire Officer Joering’s K9 partner, Sam, and allow him to go home with the Joering family to help bring comfort to them after the loss of their father.

Eldest daughter Elena will now be his handler.

Elena wants to honor her father by collecting and wearing K9 shirts from police departments across the country!

Can you help us make this happen?

Elena wears an Adult Small.

The shirt from your department can be sent to:

Justin Alloway
Westerville Police Department
29 S State Street
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Storm Dog Tactical is collecting donations for K9 Sam (gift cards for the family to PetPeople and PetSmart would also be appreciated).

Donations for Sam can be sent to:

Storm Dog Tactical
Att: K9 Sam
P.O.Box 1046
Sunbury, OH 43074-1046

Proud to Back the Blue, and their families too!

*Thank you to Deborah Schierholt for bringing this to our attention!


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Ben took great delight in assisting with the Annual Shear Da Beard event tonight at Jergels with Brett Keisel and his special bearded (but not for long) guest, Phil Bourque!

picmonkey_image (1)
And from the looks of it, he would have made a fantastic barber! In fact, a HOF barber!!

All the money raised for this incredibly fun event go to Children’s Hospital! If you weren’t able to attend this evening but would like to donate, you can do so here!

Thank you to Trish at & Bob Wessel for the photos!

You can see more here!

A Valentine’s Day Message from the Roethlisberger men

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To all the leading ladies in our lives, we want to send out our love and a HUGE Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you Mommy, Baylee, Grandma, Nana, Aunt Carlee, GG, and Grandma J. XOXO. — Ben, Benjamin & Bo Bo.



WHAT: Nothing at this time


WHAT: The ProCamps Ben Roethlisberger Youth Fantasy Experience
WHEN: June 18, 2017
WHERE: Steelers Practice Facility, Pittsburgh, PA.
REGISTRATION: Sign up here.


WHAT: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Celebrity Pro-Am
WHEN: July 11, 2017
WHERE: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort – Shepard’s Rock Course




9/10 @ Browns Win: 21-18
9/17 Vikings Win: 26-9
9/24 @ Bears Loss: 23-17
10/1 Ravens Win: 26-9
10/8 Jaguars Loss: 30-9
10/15 @ Chiefs Win: 19-13
10/22 Bengals Win: 29-14
10/29 @ Lions Win: 20-15
11/5 BYE N/A
11/12 @ Colts Win: 20-17
11/16 Titans Win: 40-17/NFLN
11/26 Packers Win: 31-28
12/4 @ Bengals Win: 23-20
12/10 Ravens Win: 39-38
12/17 Patriots Loss: 27-24
12/25 @ Texans Win: 34-6
12/31 Browns Win: 28-24